National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli MBA Program


Courses and Duration

  • The program has 6 trimesters spread through a two-year academic period.
  • The students are expected to attend all the lessons and submit plagiarism-free assignments.
  • Also, the students have an internship period after the completion of the first year of study.
  • Students can specialize in Marketing, Human Resource Management, General Management, Finance, or Operations.
  • After the specialization, the student should undertake a research project to enhance their research and problem-solving skills.


  • A bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree from a recognized university
  • Admissible bachelor’s degree must have a minimum of 3 academic years
  • Must have at least 60% aggregate marks or 6.5 out of 10 CGPA. The SC/ST categories are required to have 55% marks or 6.0 CGPA
  • Students in their final year of study can be awarded provisional admission as they wait for the graduation. When applying, such students will be required to provide written proof to ascertain their academic status in their current institution
  • Any candidate in possession of a five-year integrated course is eligible to apply
  • Candidates must present CAT results. International students should attach a copy of valid GMAT results
  • All candidates must submit the application before the stipulated deadline to qualify for shortlisting

Admission Criteria

If you’re looking forward to an opportunity to study an MBA at the National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli, you should endeavor to start the process correctly.

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Here’s how:

  • Ensure that you sit for the CATs before the application window is open. The CAT marks determine whether you’ll qualify for the next phase of the admission.
  • Check the institution’s website regularly to ensure that you submit your applications before the expiry of the deadline.
  • When filling in the application form, you should always ensure that you provide accurate and verifiable information. Any dishonesty will lead to automatic disqualification at the early stage of the application process.

Once you submit the application form, you should wait for the communication from the institution’s admission desk. If successful, you’ll move on to the next phase as follows:

  • Invitation for the Personal Interviews and Written Ability Test. Once your application is accepted, it’s time for the institution to test your ability to handle the MBA program. The PI and WAT are tests conducted in the institution and the marks contribute to the final aggregate score.
  • Group Discussions Forums. While still in the university, you will be classified into groups of up to 10 candidates. You will have limited time to make your contributions to a given topic.
  • Towards the end, the controller will award marks based on your ability to defend your opinion.

After you’re through with all these processes, the admission panel will collate all the marks to achieve the overall score for each candidate.

The awarding is based on the CAT/GMAT score (the largest share of marks), the PI, WAT, and Group Discussion Scores, previous work experience, and academic achievements.

If you qualify, the university will notify you and advice on the date and the admission requirements.


  • Recognized by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, the Government of India.


  • Ranked 8th best B-school with a living experience
  • 30th Best B-school among 267 colleges in India

Fee Structure

The fee structure below appeared in the last year’s admission letters. It applies to all the MBA 2019 students. 

  • Tuition Fee  _  Rs 50,000
  • Internet Fee  _  Rs 300
  • Computer Fee  _ Rs 1000
  • Students Aid Fee  _ Rs 200
  • Registration Fee  _ Rs 200
  • Examination Fee _ Rs 350
  • Library Fee _ Rs 1000
  • Association and Cultural Fee  _  Rs 1000
  • Sports Centre  _ Rs 100
  • Medical and Insurance Fee  _  Rs 200

Total   _  Rs 54350

  • All the SC/ST students are exempted from paying the tuition fee.
  • The institution offers scholarships to needy students upon application.

Placement Details

  • The NIT Trichy MBA has an outstanding placement record. Due to its successful placement exercise, the college has been ranked 29th best placement institution.
  • MBA students from NIT Trichy work in different industries including manufacturing, banking, business analytics, IT consulting, and public sectors.
  • In 2018, approximately 98% of the graduates got job offers even before graduating.
  • The average salary for the MBA class was Rs 8 Lakhs with the highest receiving approximately 14 Lakhs.
  • Some of the leading recruiters include Deloitte, KPMG, Accenture, Cognizant, Google, and many other manufacturing and pharmaceutical firms.

Expected Salary

  • An MBA graduate from the NIT Tiruchirappalli earns an average of Rs 8 Lakhs. This initial pay increases depending on the productivity of the graduate.
  • Most of the graduates earn more than Rs 50 Lakhs annually by the end of the second year.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1: What is asked during an MBA admission interview?

Ans: The interview process is rigorous and it involves both written and oral interviews. The primary objective of the admission panel is to establish whether the information you provided during the application process is accurate. All the questions will be designed to establish your academic abilities and suitability for an MBA program.

  • Q2: Can I get admission if my bachelor’s degree is not from India?

Ans: Yes. However, the Association of Indian Universities must approve your degree.

  • Q3: How long does the program take?

Ans: The program takes 2 full-time residential years.

  • Q4: Which is better: Online or physical application?

Ans: An Online application is convenient since you will complete the entire process in the comfort of your seat. However, you may opt for the physical presentation of your papers to the school’s admission office which can be tedious.

Contact Details

If you have any questions regarding the MBA course, feel free to engage the institution’s representative using the address below:

  • National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli
  • Tanjore Main Road, National Highway 67,
  • Near BHEL Trichy, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu 620015, India
  • You can also visit for a detailed explanation of the institution’s programs and mode of application